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Our Story

Our Inspiration

Sahana is based out of a relaxing hinterland in the oasis of serenity - Byron Bay. The designer Inosha Campion reflects inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty and calmness that comes with the gentle lifestyle that she has with her young family.

Our Philosophy

In Inosha’s home country, ‘Sahana’ translates to ‘peaceful living’. It is a simple and beautiful concept that the brand believes in a true dyed-in-the-wool way. The character concept is about staying true to yourself by embracing an easy going and mindful lifestyle with a minimalistic approach. Our synergy with these elements underpins all aspects of the label.

Our Commitment

All articles of clothing are fundamentally made from sustainable and natural fibres such as cotton and linen. We use timeless neutral colours that symbolise simplicity and purity. Inspired by sustainable and slow-fashion, we are focused on creating garments that can be mixed and matched for any occasions across seasons. For each body shape deserves the best, we make the most relaxed clothes with sophisticated design philosophy to compliment all.