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Product Care Guide

General Care Guide

Our products are mainly hand-woven with fabrics ranging in a variety of hand-spun cotton and linen. The process of weaving and designing through threadworm is entirely manual which is why you will find variations in the fabric. These irregularities are not necessarily defects but are an integral characteristic of the handloom. Interestingly, these spectacular fabrics are created with caring human hands with utmost patience, warmth, love and hope. Every handloom piece has a pattern that is unique in itself. Fascinating as it sounds, each hand woven thread of ours truly has a story to tell! 

Soft, smooth, comfortable and crisp! That’s how everybody loves their fabrics to be! Please ensure the following to let the clothes maintain the best of its sustainability. 

  • We all love our cotton clothes to be soft. To maintain the best of its quality, usage of harsh chemicals such as strong perfumes, starch and strong detergents while washing the clothes should be avoided.
  • Clothes are delicate and need care. To protect hand-made fabrics, it is recommended for it to be hand-washed. However, a gentle machine wash cycle with cold water can be used as well. This will keep the garment maintain its sustainability for a longer period of time. 
  • Moreover, each of our products are already pre-washed for your comfort so as to avoid any shrinkage!
  • We use azo free and natural dyes. As a normal practice, we suggest you wash dark-coloured and light-coloured garments separately.
  • Both eco-friendly dyes and natural fibre require clothes to be dried in shade instead of sunlight to prolong its longevity. 
  • All naturally dyed fabrics tend to bleed in the first few washes. This is a natural process for which special care should be taken owing to the properties of the dyes.


Slowmade process of clamp dyeing has created our most beautiful "Cloud" print in cotton. It is a Japanese technique of Shibori, a hand dyed print. Cloud fabric is dyed with natural Indigo and needs to be treated with care.

  • Indigo and the colour may bleed
  • Gentle machine or hand wash separately in a mild detergent and cold water.
  • Avoid drying in direct sun & no tumble dry. Iron with moderate heat.
  • These tips will help to keep the colour from fading.