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Slow made sustainable fashion designed to make you feel comfortable in your own skin

Slow made sustainable fashion designed to make you feel comfortable in your own skin

Slow made, SUSTAINABLE Fashion


Starting with the creation of our hand-woven and dyed fabrics using only the highest quality natural materials, this manual process takes nearly 9 months to complete.

Brought to life by master tailors each piece is then finished with intricate hand-stitched detailing, our garments tell a unique story of passion and dedication, honouring the traditional craft.

Our Amazing Customers

My gorgeous “Aria” dress arrived this morning. Thank you very much. I absolutely love it and it is so beautifully cut and sewn. How rare that is these days.

Catherine McCourt
My lovely new “Aria”

I started following you on Insta and I just love the detail and attention that goes into your clothing. With the hand stitching details that elevated the garment from usual to beautiful. I’m very happy to support you and hope business is booming for you.

Lynne Hughes
I love the attention to detail

I just wanted to let you know that I received a Kaya peach tunic this morning here in dismal Melbourne and I must say it has brightened my day. It is absolutely beautiful, perfectly made and fits well. I can't wait to wear it. Keep up the great work!

Denise Lawry
Absolutely Beautiful

Dear Sahana What a marvelous surprise today, I received this gorgeous and beautiful Kaya tunic, it was worth waiting for. Thank you so much for creating and designing such beautiful garments. With Warm regards.

Margaret Kurz
Gorgeous and Beautiful

I do love my new dress, thank you. The first one I bought is so comfortable I was wearing it all the time. I felt people needed a change I will wear my new one to a party today with my red shoes to match the Stitching. I am a big fan. No question. I love your label.

Wearing it all the time

As soon as I opened the package the high quality and craftsmanship was so clearly seen. And the fit was absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for such a lovely dress. Can’t wait to purchase another one - the difficulty is deciding which one!

Suyin Kershaw
Fit was absolutely perfect

Every time I wear my beautiful dress from you I get so much interest and compliment about the stitching, the design, quality and general beauty of the dress ! I love the warmth of the fabric and the uniqueness or the shape and style. I feel very at home and natural but also classy !

Elezabth Watters
I feel very at home and natural but also classy

I love the comfortable elegant styling and the fabric is unique. I rarely buy cloths at my age but I feel these are timelessly fashionable and suitable for any occasion. I love the idea of sourcing sustainable ethical fashions which contribute to local communities.

Verne Simmons
comfortable elegant styling

Fabulous well made clothing. Fabrics soft and designs comfortable to wear. Feel wonderful wearing your amazing designs and so good to support a local business.

Beverley Finlay
Feel wonderful wearing your amazing designs

I love the style of the clothing- feminine and gentle and with a story behind it. From local design and fabric sourced in a thoughtful, caring way - pictures of the people looming the fabric - and the giving back to the Indian communities...there just seems to be integrity, authenticity and thoughtful care at every step.

Elly McIntyre
Ticks all the boxes for me


Designed to celebrate your authentic self

Our clothes are designed to drape beautifully, celebrating the silhouette of your body as it is, helping you feel uniquely beautiful and comfortable in your own skin.

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