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Getting to know our Fabrics

Getting to know our Fabrics

Fabric is the most integral element of any clothing. It’s feel and touch and what it has to offer. There are different types of fabrics - man-made synthetic and then there is natural, where the Earth provides bountiful gifts in the form of fibres that are harvested to create natural fabrics. In our dream of sustainability, and philosophy of slow fashion, Sahana chooses to make 100% natural fabrics the star of every collection. 

A line up of Cotton, Khadi Cotton, Kala Cotton, and Linen requires no more introduction. The fabrics speak for themselves. The way nature protects cotton growing around the seeds of a plant in a protective case is a symbol of its worth. Planted in spring, cotton farming is a journey of hardwork that is rewarded in patience. Once harvested, artisans use their skills to hand-spin raw cotton fibres into thread, and then hand-weave it into a beautiful stretch of fabric that boasts of comfort and breathability. 

This process is taken one step further when making Kadhi Cotton, involving the addition of silk or wool while hand-spinning the yarn on a traditional chakra. A practice that has been built for generations, hand-spinning Khadi Cotton is a stamp of pride across India, fabric ideal for India’s charming temperamental climate. 

Despite the resources that go into nurturing a crop, Kala Cotton is one such textile that is native to Kachchh- the largest salt marsh in Western India. In a region with very little rainfall, this crop has survived harsh conditions, requiring little to no irrigation. This is one of the few old-world cotton species in India that has held its roots and is being artistically woven today. Aside from being one of the most sustainable fabrics, Kala cotton is stretchable yet coarse, aiding in long-lasting clothing like denim. We are excited to bring you some designs of Kala Cotton in our Autumn Winter collection this year.

Linen is sourced from the stems of a flax plant. After harvesting, flax is hand-spun very finely to create a thin piece of yarn ready for hand-weaving. This characteristic lends itself to the fabric for a lifetime, making linen one of the most absorbent and fastest-drying textiles - a quintessential staple for the summer or in between seasons.

A fabric for each fit, pieces at Sahana are designed with each textile distinction in mind. As a brand that is working towards becoming 100% sustainable, we follow best practices to ensure fabrics are sourced from ethical farms.

These textiles are naturally dyed using Azo-free, environment friendly vegetable dyes leave a beautiful stain of vibrant colour and vivacious stories left behind. These last a lifetime in your wardrobe, but quickly go back into the Earth through natural decomposition. A dedication that Sahana hopes to see through the end, natural fabrics are the epitome of sustainable clothing.