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Loving and embracing our bodies as they evolve into new versions

Loving and embracing our bodies as they evolve into new versions

Recently, I was reminiscing about my path to starting Sahana and becoming a designer. I was reflecting on one of the most impactful changes in my life  that persuaded me to design clothes. It was the simple idea that we need to accept the changes in our bodies as we grow older.

Joys of life, like having children and aging are integral parts of womanhood that alter our bodies in ways we’ve never experienced before. This change is then looked down upon and almost villainized by society. Women being shamed for changing bodies and guilted into achieving smaller unrealistic sizes to fit into a tight dress just seemed too coercive and inherently unkind to the mental and physical well being of self-conscious women. I wanted a way to feel effortlessly beautiful and comfortable in my own skin and share that with other women, instead of struggling to keep up with trends that go stale with every new season. 

When you look through this lens, the purpose of creating for Sahana became clearer to me - I wanted to express the magic that begins when we start loving and embracing our bodies as they evolve into new versions. This mantra became a staple theme with every design process, putting comfort and positive self-expression at the forefront of our ambition at Sahana. 

Now, as I reflect on the things women have to say about wearing Sahana clothing, I beam with the same joy I did when I would create dresses with my sisters in the corner of my childhood home. The messages are inspiring, empowering, and reminds me of why I do what I do, every day.

It continues to reinforce the meaning of Sahana, helping us leave behind a legacy of making women feel special and uniquely beautiful in their bodies. To be able to do this while also leaving a positive environmental impact, supporting and empowering rural communities & artisans to thrive is the cherry on top. 

We share these values with our Sahana community and it is only growing in abundance each year as we explore the world.