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Passion to create and vision to empower

Passion to create and vision to empower

Sahana’s vision for sustainable clothing extends beyond the horizon of nature. It takes a step forward into the lives of real humans who work hard in the wizardry of creating a beautiful piece of fabric out of mere plants. Combining a passion for creation and the vision to empower, Sahana’s priority to work with women in weaving and creating has been at the forefront of everything we do. 

With a rise in interest in fabric and textile all over the globe, there has been an abundance of opportunities with no dearth of artisan communities in South Asia. What used to be a predominantly male-centric form of art, women have found their niche in hand-weaving and are beginning to own their skill and independence. A part of Sahana’s pursuit in slow-fashion is the production of our clothing with a strong ethical groundwork.

From the start, we’ve been conscious about creating a community where everyone thrives - this involves breaking the chain of gender inequality and rising through societal stereotypes. This gives the chance for women to take charge of their identity, whether financial or personal, perpetuating the stereotype for the next generation of girls.

As weavers, some of the obstacles women face when attempting to enter the workforce are inadequate education, support, affordable childcare and independence. Without the need for a glorified work space, these women have graciously accepted their skills into their own homes - while balancing their work and looking after their children. It’s a scene of serenity and power, as women weave fabric and spin the yarn in the comfort of their own homes and build up to a life of independence and autonomy. Not only do women feel pride in being able to financially pay for their family, but also to be influential role models to their daughters.


“Dress For Good”

Our founder, Inosha, has been actively involved with the Foundation of Goodness, a not for profit organisation based in Sri Lanka for over two decades, forming a community of trust and kindness by mentoring young rural women. Sahana’s recent ‘Dress For Good’ project is a new sustainability initiative, coached & funded by Inosha to assist groups of rural women with new skills and a vision to run a micro business.

In this latest initiative they have successfully produced a new resort wear collection to be sold to local tourists. Women who have graduated from training have gone on to be employed and 100% of the income generated is fed back to the project to create more sustainable initiatives. ‘Dress For Good’ has empowered a lasting change in their livelihood.We hope this forms a continual cycle that encourages other women across the village to invest their time in learning new skills and building up an education that empowers them to rewrite their future. 

We will make it our mission to expand these programs and ensure that the best support is provided to women across South Asia. It truly aligns with our values and we hope to continue fostering a relationship of growth and empowerment that creates a lasting improvement in the lives of women.  

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