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Sahana stands for the mindful & conscious consumer

Slowfashion clothing

Our brand mindfully puts slow fashion and sustainability at the top of our priority list - more than a criteria, this is a lifestyle that we’ve sought to cultivate over time and, ongoing. Every step of the way, we care about making a difference. Slow-living is the practice that Sahana shares space with, by growing with four pillars strengthening our faith in the conscious consumer. 


  • Ethicality & Empowerment

We wouldn't be able to bring our designs to life without the immeasurable force of the artisanal community in India - they are the backbone of our brand. Our artisans and their skills are highly valued and appreciated at Sahana.

Our artisans in India, who patiently hand-weave and hand-dye our patterns and are given as much a sense of individuality and agency over their work as our designers and we celebrate the uniqueness each craft brings.

Giving back is also an integral part of our work at Sahana. With our involvement in the Foundation of Goodness Project, we mentor and sponsor young rural women to gain invaluable life skills to gain financial independence. Making a real impact on people and the environment is why we do what we do. 

  • Our commitment to sustainability 

The forefront of every design at Sahana, we make sure to create a process that is sustainable from source/origins to the special garment in your wardrobe. Sourcing from the finest of artisans in India, our textiles are quality checked to perfection. We pride ourselves in producing designs that enable eco-friendly production, creating clothes that last for a lifetime. As a finishing touch, all our pieces are packaged in 100% recyclable materials, minimising as much waste where we can. 

  • A mix of India and Australia 

Based in Byron Bay, our inspiration comes from the stunning nature that shapes the curves of our surroundings. The soft colors, idiosyncratic patterns, and ever-changing landscape are a few of the features that lend themselves to our creativity. When coupled with the fine artistry of India and her weavers, Sahana creates a local business that supports livelihoods across the ocean, while maintaining a small framework so we don’t compromise on sustainable clothing. 

  • Transparency 

From the start, we’ve shared every process at Sahana as a story. One that we hope inspires, and continues to inspire, creating a legacy, in turn, of what we stand for. It also helps us connect with the lovely women who choose Sahana - it matters to know where your clothes come from, and how they’re made. We take great pride in using heritage art forms and keeping a part of them alive today, keeping the journey alive for our customers through our blogs and social media posts that document each aspect of our collection story.