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Self-Care 2022: Little changes, Big impacts

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The pandemic projected a halt in the world's workings, creating a much-needed space to pause and take a breather. We must unwind and nurture a space where wellbeing and self-care takes priority. Self-care should not be a “reward for hard work”, it is as a matter of fact a “non-negotiable right”. We should think of it as a routine stop along the journey instead of the final destination and making personal choices that advocate for kindness, sincerity, and compassion for yourself. 

As Sahana women, we strive to live life to the fullest - with commitments and responsibilities that don’t vanish in the name of self-care. Finding time between setting up breakfast for the kids to scheduled work calls, we often push ourselves to the bottom of the priority list, neglecting our own needs while slacking away for others. Without checking in with ourselves and our well-being, we often burn out and come to a deteriorating rut. Taking care of ourselves should be on par with our daily commitments. 

It’s never too late to start a routine to take care of yourself. Start small, with moments of guilt-free alone time with yourself, reflecting on your lifestyle and specific areas that you want to address in terms of health and mood alleviation. A mental check-in is just as vital as a health check-up by your doctor.  With a realistic self-care routine every day will lead to a substantial improvement in the long term gain. 

  • Healthy eating - A way of honouring the body that inhabits a safe space for yourself
  • Spend time sourcing and preparing healthy fresh food to enrich your body with the nutrients it needs to fully flourish while you go out there and show the world your power. 

  • Move your body - A way of finding the rhythm in everyday life
  • Your daily dose of movement exists through walks in nature, taking in the bright sunlight and the fresh air while being physically active. Spice it up by trying different activities you enjoy - try dancing, yoga or pilates, or hiking. Not only will you thank yourself at 80, but you will also rejoice in the present after the positive impacts of the activity. 

  • Practise mindfulness and gratitude  - A way of nurturing your soul
  • Moments of breath where the mind finds itself at ease, mindfulness resets you with an increased awareness of your emotions, sensations, and true feelings. This also ties in with expressing gratitude and finding appreciation for the little things in life, broadening our perspective on hardships. Also, a great way to a calm and clear mind.

  • Build a support system - A way of promoting your emotional health
  • New habits and an improved lifestyle work in harmony when the people around you encourage and promote positivity. None of the above matters if toxicity exists around you, inevitably affecting your wellbeing. Find people who enhance your life through unconditional love, support and optimism, creating a healthy environment conducive to your goals. 

  • Celebrate Improvement - A way to keep yourself positive 
  • Acknowledging your progress, no matter how small, is important. Learn to celebrate the small wins, take pride in your journey and boost your confidence. Lift your spirits and further your beliefs in your potential by recognising the little accomplishments.

  • Find creativity - A way of re-inventing your imagination 
  • Further your imagination by trying something new. Make a list and step outside your comfort zone once in a while. By putting yourself out there, not only do you learn something new, like a skill, but you also learn something new about yourself. Make space to pursue whatever fuels your creativity. 

    Self-care stems from a deep appreciation and care for ourselves, emotionally, spiritually and physically. At Sahana, our definition of self-care extends to anything that alleviates and improves our well-being. How will you change your self-care rituals for 2022?