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Shibori - Beauty of imperfection

Shibori - Beauty of imperfection

The slow process of clamp dyeing has created our most beautiful Shibori “Cloud” print in cotton for our summer collection. Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique that has been used to create patterns that spread unevenly across the fabric to create the most beautiful and soothing designs. It is an art that appreciates the incomplete, imperfections of a creation.

The fabric is firstly dyed a base colour, then the folding is done mindfully to create the design. This can be done in an unlimited number of ways. The shape and positioning of the folds determines the final pattern on the fabric. The only limit is the imagination and skill of the artisan. Small, tight, and neatly folded bundle of fabric clamped together, then hand dipped so the design is created by resisting the dye. We have used strings for clamping to achieve our Cloud print.

We use natural dye in this handmade process. Indigo dye is one of the most ancient dyes used for textile dying going back 6000 years. Indigo colour is extracted from its leaves, through fermentation, boiled then filtered and pressed to create a dry mass, then into a powder.

This is a fabric that is purely a result of the imagination and skill of the artisan and prized for it’s individuality and natural beauty.