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Sustainability - How we play our part

Sustainability - How we play our part

Over the past few years, people across the world have adopted sustainability. It has taken on a wonderfully creative means of existing in our lives. However, this is no longer a short-lived trend that people can adopt and forget after a few months. Sustainability has become a promising solution at the forefront of climate change and at Sahana, we’re so proud to say that we’ve been practicing sustainable and slow-living ever since our conception! 

The fast fashion industry has left a huge dent on the way we consume, produce and think of clothing. It has contributed to 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions every year. Slowly but surely, the clothing industry has taken steps towards a collective goal of longevity. When done right, this industry can be a stepping stone in creating an ecosystem of sustainability and eco-friendly practices. 

Consumers are starting to choose long-lasting and unique pieces over bulk produced clothing. Twenty years ago, consumers had sparse knowledge about sustainable and slow made clothing and its benefits, and steadily, the new normal has been adapted to a wardrobe that is good for the pocket as well as the Earth.

Businesses have been innovating to make positive changes to their production, with many clothing labels solely using all natural and recycled materials in their production. Across the globe this has presented itself in some of the most experimental yet artistic ways. This situation has come a long way from over-production, with a majority of consumers recognising the need for quality over quantity and we are positive that these changes are bound to add up and make a difference in the long run.

Being a clothing brand, we’ve understood our role since the beginning. Our motivation has always been creating artistic pieces that go hand-in-hand with nature. We're conscious about using our resources mindfully. All our collections are designed with natural fabrics. The fabric we use is sustainably sourced, and is entirely hand dyed and hand woven. 

Without the use of power-heavy generators that use electricity in worrisome quantities, Sahana creates clothes using the delicacy of the human hand. The beautiful combination of love, skill, and hard work that goes into manually spinning yarn comes across wonderfully in our clothing, and we take joy in empowering female weavers. Stained vibrantly using nature’s very own colors, our fabrics are dyed without any chemicals using natural Azo-free dyes. They are dried under the warmth of the sun. 

 Our production chains are actively being improved to be as sustainable as we can, with little innovations like using recycled materials to create buttons and packaging, which go a long way. The smallest of features, like our swing tags and labels are developed using 100% natural materials, making all our pieces entirely biodegradable. 

The only mark we want to leave on Earth is one that shows care and responsibility. We’re doing our part and wholeheartedly hope you’re doing yours too. Together is the only way we can make an impressionable and meaningful difference.