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Telling Our Story through Clothing

Telling Our Story through Clothing
I’m a daughter
I’m a mum
I’m a sister
I’m a wife
I’m a friend
I’m a businesswoman
I’m a homemaker
I’m a woman …


As women, we take on multiple roles at different stages of our lives. I wouldn’t know where to begin when defining Womanhood. It is a galaxy of dimensions, individualities, and identities that women carry through their lives, transforming from girlhood to womanhood. The paradox lies here…it is ever-changing, and an experience that we all share.

Some days can be calmer, and others can be full of storms and thunder. The one constant that we have amidst these changing waves is who we are. Our sense of self shapes our confidence, equipping us with a positive approach that can consciously turn things around. Paired with mindfulness, the choices we make everyday are both a process, as well as a product of our inner well-being.

A part of those choices are the clothes that we choose to wear. While not only a brilliant creative medium of expressing yourself, clothes are also capable of influencing your everyday life. 

The choices that we make everyday matters. When you put on an outfit that you love, and feel good in, it gives you the confidence and self-assurance to take on the world. It’s marvellous, how a piece of fabric can hold so much power and potential to frame our mundane. Looking and feeling good is a trick passed down generations of womanhood that instantly radiates confidence. 

Choosing a slow and sustainable life that honours the planet is a wellness mentality that Sahana stands by. We create silhouettes that flatter all shapes and sizes, making women from all walks of life feel a sense of belonging and worth, unapologetically.

Dressing the part, while also doing your part for the environment is essentially a beautiful analogy for the complexity of a woman - we are the masters of multitasking! With Sahana, find clothes that truly speak to you and foster an ecosystem of sustainability as intentional and mindful consumer choice.


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