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The Beauty of Handmade

The Beauty of Handmade

We yearn for something special, something that marvels in its beauty because it stands out. We all crave something that surprises us, something that is poles apart from our ‘regular’. This is the beauty of uniqueness - the same quality that every handmade item carries ever so gracefully. The exclusive shape that adorns a hand-cut dress tells great fables of artisans who have worked passionately to create a unique piece of fabric designed just for you. 

In the heart of every handmade item lies the beautiful artistry of labor. It is a collection of skill, time, and effort that carefully forms a product, whether it is the varied shades of hand-dyed clothes or the eccentric hand-stitched details. The feeling of factory-made, large batches of the same design doesn’t begin to come close to the warmth put into hand-spinning yarn and skillfully transforming it into wearable fabric and adorning it with hand-finished buttons through time and effort. The work that goes into creating something handmade, is a true testament to the artisan’s skills and their craftmenship. 

Handmade items take a tremendous amount of skill that has been in practice for generations that work hard to perfect them. Their art is a part of who they are, forming a family of weavers, spinners, and dyers that take immense pride in their identity as artisans. When you choose to buy handmade, you choose to empower and further uplift the life and skills of these artisans. A way to appreciate their hard work, purchasing handmade products is a beautiful tribute to native crafts. It’s a way to keep the fire alive, celebrate the commitment to craftsmanship, and nurture the local creativity. With Sahana’s philosophy of “slow and mindful living”, our fondness for handmade touches extends beyond our garments. We like taking our time to rightfully create & express little practices for a personalised experience each time we connect.

Handmade crafts are a gift to the environment as they are less wasteful. They use long-lasting materials that provide strength and durability while being an extension of nature and thus decomposing back into the Earth. When you choose handmade, you choose the betterment of the planet’s health and consciously do your part in shaping a greener tomorrow. With every handmade item, we lower our carbon footprint on the planet and sustain eco-friendly livelihoods that unite to respect the Earth’s resources. 

Every piece at Sahana is developed through a detailed guide that honors the environment, the craft, and the wearer. Creating something handmade is inherently a sustainable process. We source our materials and deal with suppliers that follow a similar ethos through sustainable and ethical means of working. Every stitch at Sahana is intentional, with fabrics finding their forever home before they’re even transformed into clothing in small batch production. Our handmade clothing carries life-long craftsmanship that will stay with you for years to come.