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We may be small, but we have a lot to offer

We may be small, but we have a lot to offer

Heartfelt words from the owner, or the careful stitch of an artisan are little things that a small business has to offer that goes a long way. With every seam sewed, there’s a symphony of hard work, passion, and dedication that defines the small business for who they are and what they do. There is so much simplicity in knowing that there is a real human behind every interaction with a small business, ensuring you’re treated with the respect and attention you deserve. 

It’s more about delivering an authentic experience of like-minded appreciation, than just the exchange of money and goods. It’s about coming together to acknowledge the importance of a good quality product. In the absence of mindless machines mass producing garments  that compromise on quality, small businesses thrive by creating the best version of a product with the resources at hand. It is a process of constantly improving, re-designing and re-inventing the past to be a better version for the future. 

When a small business puts something out there, you know it is after a long journey from conception to production. It is born as a simple inkling of an idea, which is then pursued with passion and dedication. It’s the result of years of perseverance, building up to a finish line that is never really the end point. It is a constant wandering of creativity and individuality, ensuring they’re putting out the best version of themselves. 

Small businesses are also the realest, and nearest thing you can positively contribute to. Support goes a long way, sustaining the continued pursuit of art, expression, and authenticity. It creates space for uniqueness, building on the beauty of independence and idiosyncrasy that lets a community thrive for their art and culture. If every artist had to suppress their imagination for a career in an assembly line production of identical products, we’d lose every spark of personality that adds charm to a product. Supporting small businesses is an act of supporting the skill and identity of humans, celebrating the diversity of people and their passion. 

Built for humans, by humans - small businesses are the epitome of ethical production. Most of the time, ideas are brought to life with a shorter supply chain, making room for more transparency in their processes. They are conscious producers, utilising every resource in the most economical manner to reduce waste.  By supporting small businesses, you support a multidisciplinary aim of sustainability - for the environment, the people, and the Earth. At Sahana, we’re proud to serve across oceans, bringing people together, making the pillars of creative local communities stronger everyday.