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Learning to Live Slow

Learning to Live Slow

A rising trend that everyone seems to be pushing is the glorification of productivity and overworking oneself. Feeling overwhelmed by your schedule or exhausted by never-ending to-do lists is a feeling that has been accepted as the new normal. In times that require us to be on our phones every minute of every day, let’s find a way to unwind and recharge away from the noise of the world. Slow living encourages us to take in every moment with conscious purpose and intention, helping us truly enjoy life. A way of living centred around what’s important, we can implement various daily rituals for a simpler life.  


An inherent practice that encompasses Slow Living is detachment from noise and distractions. Our devices hold our attention for a long time, keeping us engaged with technology that adds no true meaning to our lives. Instead, step away and set an intention to tune back with yourself. Achieving inner stillness and peace stems from an authentic place of serenity found within yourself, a beautiful awakening that comes through the regular practice of meditation. 


The idea of practising silent breathing encompasses the simplest of steps you can take. Adapting a daily ritual that adds meaning and purpose to your day will help create a sense of calm that uplifts and nurtures your inner self. These rituals include meditation, gratitude journaling, morning walks amidst the refreshing breeze of nature, and many such that connect you with your authentic self. Another aspect that charmingly contributes to Still Living is taking  time out to reflect. An opportunity to pause between the chaos, self-reflection is a means of checking in with yourself, helping you analyse your emotions, moods, and your general well-being. 


At Sahana, our admiration for Slow Living translates into the way we treat our garments too. Here are a few of our tips to help cultivate a sustainable relationship with consumption. We believe that having clarity in different aspects of our life, like our wardrobe, helps spread that clear energy into other parts of our lives. 

  • Being mindful of what you buy intrinsically helps consume less

  • Supporting your local, slow-fashion clothing labels helps decrease your carbon footprint and leaves you with truly great quality clothes

  • Adapt to a capsule wardrobe, finding timeless pieces that work across seasons and look beautiful for years to come. We find it best to buy pieces that can be paired elegantly with the rest of your wardrobe: like our Kenya Top that can easily be matched with a sophisticated trouser or a classic jacket, summer or winter

  • Buy clothes that are well made to last for years to come and fabrics that are thoughtfully sourced

  • Take good care of your clothes. Take time to read the care instructions and follow them to ensure that your clothes enjoy a long life in excellent condition

 We hope to instil a lifestyle that co-exists with nature, maintaining a peaceful balance between us and our environment.